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12:28pm 23/11/2002
  My sisters are getting married. Okay, Adriel isn't my sister anymore, just because it sounds weird when I say my sisters are getting married. Tamyra said he's going to be my brother-in-law for real now! I am kind of happy for them.

I am sad that Alexis deleted! :-(
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12:22am 11/11/2002
  i'm sorry i haven't updated. school has been keeping me busy.

tamyra is still the best, and i hope christina is still my girlfriend.


ps: christina made me an icon! yes!
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02:55pm 27/08/2002
  MY CONVERSATION!!!!Collapse )  
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10:05pm 25/08/2002
  Tamyra got me some really cool clothes. She's the best. And any guy who doesn't like her is crazy! I have to protect her from the bad ones sometimes, like a certain sister of mine. ha! Just kidding.

I only said I didn't like Simon because I thought he loved my sister too! I couldn't let that happen. But Simon doesn't like Ryan and Brian, so he has to be cool.

Chris should get a journal. It would make my sis happy.
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06:05pm 24/08/2002

I have to tell you all what happened!!!!

First, Adriel kept making out with my sister!! That's so gross! So I beat him up!!!! Then, my sister tricked me!!!! She said she slapped him, but she made out with him. So, I made Adriel my sister. Alexis got to be my brother. Then I forgave Tamyra. She is my favorite sister ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (SORRY ADRIEL)

Oh and you can't tell my mom or dad, but I have a girlfriend. GUESS WHO?? Christina. yay. Simon will be sooooo jealous. Haha!

Also, I hate Ryan Seacrest, even if he is going to give me skittles!

BYE i <3 christina.
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03:43pm 24/08/2002
  I promised my sister this!!!

screen name:trevonnnnnnn

Be nice to me, but don't talk to me if you are simon or those two host guys. They scare me.
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03:19pm 22/08/2002

my sister is the best.
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